Relive The Story Of ATWT's Lily & Holden


SoapClassics has just released another in their line of DVD collections, this time compiling key moments in the epic love story of AS THE WORLD TURNS' Lily and Holden.

The set begins with the 1985 episode that saw hunky new stableboy Holden jumping out of the hayloft to encounter spoiled little rich girl Lily for the very first time. The ten episodes chronicle the ups and downs in their relationship including Holden nearly marrying Emily, Luke's birth, and the arrival of Lily's twin Rose, culminating in the 2006 episode where the pair renew their vows before family and friends.

For full details on each of the 10 episodes included in the 2 DVD set and for ordering information, click here. (And to watch a vintage Lily and Holden episode from the '80s, click here!)

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