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In the two years since GUIDING LIGHT ended, Robert Newman (Josh) has had a successful run in theater, traveling across the country performing in productions of beloved musicals like Annie, Man Of La Mancha and, earlier this year, Curtains. "Life goes on, and as a by-product, careers go on," the actor tells Soaps In Depth with a laugh. "Most of my time in the past couple of years since GL has been on stage. That's where I love to be. I've had a great run of some outstanding roles, and they've all been successful."

In his latest project, Newman is starring opposite Broadway star Tovah Feldshuh in Gypsy at the Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol, PA. "Gypsy is a musical that's been around forever. Tovah is the leading character, Mama Rose. She's the ultimate stage mother. She drives her two daughters' careers to the point where they end up walking away from her," explains Newman, who plays Herbie. "He signs on as the girls' agent/manager, and he's also pursuing Rose and looking to settle down with her, marry and have a family."

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Although Gypsy takes place during the dying 1920s vaudeville circuit, the daytime veteran says that he sees many parallels between the musical and the current state of the soap world. "It's set at a time when vaudeville is beginning to disappear. Mama Rose and her daughters have had success with this act they do, but the medium itself is going away because the "talkies" are coming out and there are too many other things competing with this idea of live comedy," he notes. "That's kind of what's going on with the soap world. Part of what's hurting the soap world is that there's just too many other things out there."

During the heyday of soap operas, Newman points out, there were only three major television channels. "People were very limited in what they could watch. Now, soap operas have to compete, not only with 400 other channels, but with the Internet and people watching stuff on their iPhones. So in a similar way in Gypsy, they're continuing to try to keep things moving for themselves, this small troupe of people in this business that's fading away because other things are coming in and taking their place. That's what's going on with daytime. It's struggling to hold its own in a time when everything around it has changed so dramatically that it doesn't seem to have a place anymore."

Gypsy is set to run until January 15, and Newman is hoping to continue to line up more theater roles afterwards. "For me, life after GL has been pretty good," he states. "I've done a lot in the past two years, and I have colleagues who have not. I continue to be thankful."

Gypsy opens Tuesday, December 6. For tickets and more information, visit For more from our interview with Newman, check out the CBS issues of Soaps In Depth, on sale now!

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