Y&R's Driscoll Is Engaged!


When THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' John Driscoll (Chance; Coop, GUIDING LIGHT) decided to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend, Beth Nelson, he considered a series of venues. "I thought maybe I would propose on the beach, having her family come out and surprising her. Then I figured maybe we'd go back home to Virginia. Then I thought, let's go to New York to the restaurant we had our first date at," he shares with Soaps In Depth.

Yet when Nelson, who works for an air lease company, needed to go to Paris for an air show, the actor realized that he couldn't ask for a better location. "She was going to be there for four days, where she had to work one day," he says. "We decided to turn this into a mini-vacation. She had no idea, but I thought, 'Oh, my gosh, this is the perfect time to do it."

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While Driscoll admits that Nelson was sort of hoping he might be inspired by the City of Love to do just that, he kept her off her guard by not asking her to marry him the moment he landed. Instead, he contacted a friend who was a photographer to do a photo shoot with them around Paris the next day. "She doesn't like being in front of people or cameras, so I'm like, this is perfect because she won't even be thinking about it."

Still, Driscoll had to deal with his own case of nerves when the weather turned drizzly and his photographer friend's camera suddenly stopped working. But when the trio took a boat ride, everything turned around in Driscoll's favor. "All of a sudden the clouds part, the sun comes out, and Philippe's camera miraculously starts working again!" Driscoll says that he took that as a sign. "I get the ring box... and go up behind Beth, and whisper to her, 'Are you happy?' She says yes. I ask her if she could put one last thing on for me -- I'd been asking her to put things on all day because of the photo shoot -- and she said yes. Then she turns around and I have the ring box in my hand. I drop down on my knee and say, 'Beth, will you marry me?' She said, 'Absolutely yes!'"

In a funny twist, about 25 high school girls from Georgia, along with their chaperones, had boarded the boat. "Everybody is clapping, cheering and congratulating us," he recalls. "It was absolutely fantastic. The whole weekend was that way. We went to this bridge -- it's called a lock bridge. There's a chain link fence on the side of it, and you take a lock and write your name, the date and literally lock it on the side of the bridge. We wrote J&B in a giant heart and put the date -- June 20, 2011 -- and we locked our love on the bridge in Paris. It was incredible. Magical!"

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