Interview: Lloyd Gets Herself Some Hairspray!


The smash Broadway hit musical Hairspray will be at the Hollywood Bowl on August 5 through 7, starring Harvey Fierstein and Marissa Jaret Winokur from the original Broadway cast, Drew Carey, AMERICAN IDOL Diana DeGaro, teen heartthrob Nick Jonas, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL hunk Corbin Bleu, John Stamos... and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee)! "I'm playing one of the Dynamites. There's three women in the show that are kind of like The Surpremes," Lloyd tells Soaps In Depth. "They sing all the songs and they have some of the really good musical numbers. They also asked me to play one of the young African American teenagers in the play, also, so I'll be in all of those numbers, too."

Last summer, Lloyd performed at the Hollywood Bowl in their production of Rent, and she's thrilled to be back on the stage for Hairspray. "It's really cool, getting to work with Corbin and Nick and Harvey. He and Marissa are the originals from the Broadway show, so I'm really looking forward to that. It's going to be lots of fun!"

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The timing of the production worked out perfectly with B&B's annual summer break. "But because of this show and the other show that I'm doing [For The Record], I don't really get much of a hiatus! Everybody else is going on break and I'll be working!" Lloyd says with a laugh.

Hairspray is only set to run for three nights, but the cast is hard at work to make the production the very best it can be. "The rehearsals are a marathon," Lloyd declares. "You show up, and they are trying to push out the scenes and choreography. You're working all day long!"

Although she's a bit nervous about the dance routines, Lloyd says she can't wait to get back on the stage at the iconic Hollywood amphitheater. "It's pretty surreal. I've never performed for that many people," she confesses. "There's 18,000 people a night! So to get to be on that enormous of a stage working with everybody and getting to look up into the audience and see a sea of people, it's really cool. What actor wouldn't want to get to do that?"

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