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After the nominees for the Daytime Emmy Awards were announced yesterday, the Soaps In Depth staff spent the rest of the day hard at work, talking to as many of the lucky actors and actresses as possible! While some of their reactions will appear in a story in our next CBS issue, we just couldn't let our chats with the stars go to waste, so we're posting the rest of their responses here for you to read!

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COLLEEN ZENK (Barbara, AS THE WORLD TURNS), Outstanding Lead Actress
"Our beloved show left the airwaves in September, so I am thrilled that the members of the Academy honored me with a nomination. I loved the journey that Barbara Ryan took last year, and I am so happy that other members of our field were able to see the kind of beautiful work all of us did on ATWT. Thank you for this honor... and congratulations to my fellow Oakdalians, Michael Park (Jack), Julie Pinson (Janet) and our wonderful writing team. And to all the nominees... enjoy this wonderful ride!"

MARTHA BYRNE (Lily, ATWT), GOTHAM executive producer, Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime
"I'm so thrilled for everyone who made GOTHAM come together. Lisa Brown's passion and talent was inspirational. The cast was so giving and supportive. I adore Michael Park and his willingness to go with me anywhere."

MICHAEL PARK (Jack, ATWT), Outstanding Lead Actor
"Maura [West, Carly; now Y&R's Diane] was just very adamant about submitting an episode. I'm pretty sure it was the episode where [Jack and Carly] get together where the boathouse used to be. We did those remotes."


"I love this time of year. I had forgotten they were coming out [yesterday]. Around 5 a.m., which is the time I got up, I saw my clock [and no call] so I went through my anger, denial, grieving process and went on with my life. Then I got a call; people on Twitter found out. Maria [Bell, Y&R's headwriter] was the first person to call me. I had woken Michelle [Stafford, Phyllis] up because it was on the Internet by then.

"I submitted Lauren/Sarah telling me that they slept with someone else. I've never in my 16 years had a scene where a woman told me she slept with someone else. I was either doing the stalking or I lied to you, those reveals. People [on set] got that it was hard for me. We all had to find a way. It wasn't big 'let's shoot fireworks out' scene. I tossed it into the snake pit and got into the five [nominees], for which I'm grateful for."

DOUG DAVIDSON (Paul, Y&R Outstanding Supporting Actor
"I submitted a group of scenes in Patty's padded room. She'd tried to kill Emily and then tried to kill herself. I asked her not to abandon her faith when she needed it most. Stacy [Haiduk, ex-Patty/Emily] is a joy to work with. It's not really work.

"It's hard to find just one show that gives a range; there are very few opportunities where you get [to do that in one show]. It's a daunting task to pick one that shows a lot of levels and different things. It makes it sound like [the nomination is for work] for the year, but it isn't. People are judging one show per actor. They have scenes that are split up over two days."


EMILY O'BRIEN (ex-Jana, Y&R), Outstanding Younger Actress
"I found out the way I've always found out when I've been nominated: The dear Tracey Bregman (Lauren). I woke up with one eye open, looking at my phone beeping. 'Congratulations, Sweetie.' She's very gracious.

"I submitted when Jana was in the cage; I'm pleading with Ryder to not put me in the crate and he puts me in. It had versatility. I felt good about it. I remember that day; we all worked together on this one scene. I felt great after we shot it. I had another option -- I confide in Chloe, Kevin hands me the divorce papers. I switched it last minute.

"I'm just trying to focus on this is just such a wonderful accomplishment. The idea of even possibly winning... friends are saying third time is the charm, but I don't like to even think about that."

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