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It's been nearly two years since GUIDING LIGHT stars Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer taped their final scenes as Josh and Reva, but the talented actors have been reunited on the stage in the murder-mystery musical Curtains! A co-production between Houston's Theatre Under The Stars and The Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey, the cast of Curtains wrapped up their Texas performances earlier this month and make their Garden State debut on Wednesday, April 27.

Soaps In Depth caught up with Zimmer and Newman as they rehearsed the musical-within-a-musical, which follows the unraveling of a Boston theater company on opening night after the leading lady is murdered. Newman stars as Det. Frank Cioffi, who is called in to solve the crime, and Zimmer (now ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Echo) is the show's brassy producer, Carmen. "It's got all that's involved backstage of putting on a Broadway show," shares Zimmer. "It's an awful show because the star is dreadful. She ends up being murdered, so the beautiful young ingénue has to step into the role, and she's brilliant. But murders keep happening. Robert plays the detective who comes in, who's also a frustrated actor who would love nothing more than to be a part of the Broadway show."

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The timing of the production was perfect for Newman, who'd spent the fall of 2010 in Los Angeles. "I had a nice spot on CRIMINAL MINDS, then a quick appearance on NCIS. I'd come home to New York for the holidays, and my intention was to go back to LA for pilot season," he explains. "I actually did go back for the first two weeks of January, but to be honest, I felt a little displaced. I just had this gnawing feeling inside of me that I just wasn't supposed to be there. I just felt like I needed to be on the stage." Newman returned to New York to shoot a commercial for the insurance company Humana, and while back in town for a few days received a phone call that seemed to be the answer to his wish. "My agents called and said, 'Papermill is interested in you for Curtains. Do you want to meet with them?' Actually, I do!" he recalls with a laugh. "A few days later, they called and made the offer. And then Kim being thrown into the mix was just the icing on the cake. It all worked out nicely."

For more on our behind-the-scenes with Newman and Zimmer, pick up the new CBS issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale now. Curtains will run at The Papermill Playhouse through Sunday, May 22. For tickets, call (973) 376-4343 or visit

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