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Lauralee Bell (Christine) doesn't have a lot of time to relax these days. Not only has the actress been popping up more and more on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as her alter ego spearheads several investigations (including Genoa City cop corruption and Skye's "death"), but Bell continues to explore the Internet as a platform that melds entertainment and business. Her latest project is JUST OFF RODEO, a four-minute web comedy series, which allows viewers to actually purchase the fashions worn or products used by the characters.

"This is one of those [projects] that has been in my brain way too long!" she laughs, noting that when she finally launched it, she received an email from her brother, William J. Bell, president of Bell-Phillip Television, reminding her of that fact. "Bill said, 'I remember sitting on the couch with you 10 years ago, and you talking about this!'" she shares. "Back then, it was so far out of the norm, but now people are used to buying clothes on the Internet."

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In fact, Bell says that her decision to open her two retail boutiques -- On Beverly Blvd. and On Sunset -- was actually a precursor to this particular web series. "I had to close the store door to open another door," she smiles. "It's about cross-promoting and getting the most use out of your dollars. I don't ever want to lessen the creative content of the show. But the fashion is built into the store, so there is no need for the characters to do anything except wear it."

While the beauty admits that she originally wanted Martin Bell Productions and JUST OFF RODEO to manufacture the fashions showcased, she doesn't want to limit that potential, either. "We already have people emailing us, asking, 'Do you do jewelry? Can we be part of the next [webisode]?' Are we willing to promote other people's stuff? Right now all these options are coming towards us, and we're seeing what fits. If a celebrity had a charity event that they're really involved in, maybe we can do an episode on that, giving a portion of the proceeds to their charity. We could have a celebrity come in who is getting ready for a true Golden Globe event. Or a designer might be willing to make exclusive JUST OFF RODEO [merchandise] for one or two episodes... there are so many possibilities!"

Bell says the new series is different than her other web series, FAMILY DINNER, which she continues to produce and stars in. "This is dreamier," she insists. "FAMILY DINNER is raw, about family, the truth and totally the truth in a funny way. But this is total fantasy; pure entertainment."

And if viewers just happen to like what the characters are wearing, Bells says, "while you're watching it, you can fill out PayPal, and it's [shipped] to your home in four days."

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