A BOLD-er and BEAUTIFUL-er Opening


THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL has unveiled a modern new look and theme song for its opening title sequence, using the very latest in cutting edge digital technology! Executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell introduced the completely revamped main titles earlier this month during a publicity event to celebrate the soap's airing of its 6,000th episode. The new credits will make their debut on-screen on Monday, February 21. For more on what to expect, make the jump!

The show collaborated with CBS Digital to create a digital short, of sorts, that places B&B's cast of characters in a virtual fashion showroom in the midst of a glamorous, large-scale fashion show. The actors shot their parts against a giant green screen and were then seamlessly edited into the computer-generated background. The footage is shot in high-definition, and also includes a brand new theme song created by B&B's composers David Kurtz and Jack Allocco.

This marks only the second time B&B has altered its main titles since the original montage of still photography used on the show for its 1987 premiere. In 2004, that version was replaced by live-action main titles that evoked a behind-the-scenes look at a photo

"Although I have enjoyed the current [opener], it was enough," Bell tells Soaps In Depth. "It was time to keep it fresh. With our two-year renewal with CBS, we knew we were going to be around for a while, so why wait? Now's the time to do it."

Adrienne Frantz (Amber) was eager to see the new opening, having been included in the original main titles during her first stint on the show in the late 1990s. "I did the first one many years ago, so it's fun to see the transition," she says, admitting neither she nor the rest of the cast fully understood the concept of the new sequence when they were shooting it against the non-descript green screen. "They showed us some sketches of what it would be like, and everyone was like, 'Okay...I guess?' But it turned out amazing. I think it's awesome."

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