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The weather outside is frightful... but the stars of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS are just delightful! In our special holiday issue, on sale Monday, December 20, Soaps In Depth has gathered up some of your favorite stars from CBS Daytime for exclusive family portraits and to share what the season means to them and their loved ones.

First, read their heartwarming stories about childhood Christmas memories and traditions. Then keep turning the pages to find out the stars' New Year's wishes for themselves and their characters. In fact, when we asked the stars to reveal what was on their holiday wish lists, we got so many answers that we couldn't fit them all into the magazine! Lucky for you, dear Soaps In Depth readers, we're posting the rest of the answers right here!

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What should your character's New Year's resolution be?
"To successfully resolve things with Steffy, once and for all."

What is your New Year's resolution?
"I should stop biting my nails, but that will never happen. That's my bad habit."



What should your character get for Christmas?

"A new love, maybe?"

What should your character's New Year's resolution be?

"To stop manipulating people. But as you know, you usually never keep your New Year's resolutions. So, she can just say that."



What do you want for Christmas?

"An extremely prosperous 2011 for my family and friends."

What is your New Year's resolution?

"To continue learning that balance of working and being a dad. Prioritizing. They grow so fast, so I want to take advantage of spending time with my children."


What do you want for Christmas?

"Every year my boys get me the newest version of [the video game] Call Of Duty. I'm not a gamer, but once a year I hunker down for 24 hours straight and I play this game until I beat the novice level. Then I watch the sun come up the next morning. My boys know I love that, so they always give it to me, and I look forward to it."

What is your New Year's resolution?
"My goal for the next year is to get back into the shape that I was prior to my injury. I had a really bad shoulder injury last season snowboarding and it put me back a bit. So I'm hoping to be back in fighting shape by the spring."





What should your character's New Year's resolution be?

"Opening up more in terms of love. The thing she has going with Daniel is it's great and sexy and fun. But she doesn't want to go further than that. I don't think she's being super-vulnerable, and letting herself fall for someone. I want Abby to give in to love and experience all that. That's what I'm looking forward for this character, to let her guard down."

What is your New Year's resolution?

"My resolution is to get to know Los Angeles a little bit more. It's hard to move, and I moved from New York. I'm having a little New York homesickness. When I first moved here I was totally in all baby mode, on maternity leave, and not really getting out and getting to know the city and building a life here, so I think that's going to be my focus for next year is putting down roots and getting to know L.A. There's no reason me and [son] Jackson can't go and take L.A. by storm!"


What should your character's New Year's resolution be?
"She has a few - to be a better grandmother, to eavesdrop less."
What is your New Year's resolution?
"I want to see my glass as half full - not half empty."



What do you want for Christmas?
"I can always use tennis shoes. Or tennis clothes. You can never have enough of those things -- tennis shoes and tennis clothes, workout clothes. And books. I like books, too."

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