Daytime Power Couple Celebrates Marriage Milestone!


Who says soap romances don't last? Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, THE YOUNG &THE RESTLESS) and Edward J. Scott (producer, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) are celebrating today, Tuesday, October 12, 25 years of wedded bliss!

To honor the occasion, Mrs. Scott shares her thoughts on her show business marriage with Soaps In Depth.

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What attracted you to Ed? Do you know what attracted you to him?
We would both agree that we disliked each other for the first few years we knew each other. We met when I was cast on the show, and I don't remember being very impressed with him or him with me. Over time, we got to know each other a little better. The cast and crew used to go to this dive bar/restaurant for meal breaks. It was during one of those breaks that I started to see the real teddy bear that lived beneath his gruffness. As for what he liked in me, he always said it was my talent. He's a sucker for good talent!

Did you and Edward keep your relationship quiet given that sets are hotbeds of gossip?
Oh, yes. You have to, in this business. We also wanted to respect that Edward had been separated from his first wife for quite some time already, but no one at work knew that. We both remember very clearly the night that we "came out." It was at Doug Davidson's (Paul) wedding to Cindy Fisher (ex-Dana). It was a beautiful wedding up in Santa Barbara. I hope we didn't steal any attention from the beautiful bride and gorgeous groom, but I'm sure there was a lot of talk about us that night!

What memories do you have from your wedding day?
All wonderful ones, of course. My daughter, Alex, was 3 years old at the time. She was my flower girl. I remember standing behind the double doors of the church, breathlessly waiting for my cue to walk in. I remember hugging her and asking her, "Are you ready, sweetheart?" She replied, "Oh, yes, Mommy! I can't wait!" She adores Edward. I have a photo of that moment. It is very precious to me. Another memory: My father's bodyguard actually followed us down the aisle during the procession! Being the bride, I only faced the altar and Edward during the ceremony, so it wasn't until later that I even knew about it. People kept asking me, "Who was that man who followed you down the aisle?!" Also, one of my best girlfriends, Teena, was given the job of taking care of the guest book. Turns out that she was having so much fun (and maybe some champagne!) that she completely forgot about the guest book! I thought she was kidding when she gave me that unfortunate news. But I forgave her! She is still one of my dearest friends.

What plans do you have for this year's anniversary?
We take turns every other year in surprising each other for our anniversary. This year, it is his turn to surprise me, so I have no idea!

Gifts for the 25th anniversary are traditionally silver. Do you follow traditions?
Yes, we do... But I'm not going any further with that answer right now!

What's it like now that Ed's back at CBS? Are you returning to carpooling, or did you ever do that?
We have never carpooled. Our schedules are so different, it would be impossible. Even though he is just across the hall from Y&R, I know he is too busy for idle chitchat. When we are working, we are carrying on with our own individual responsibilities. I've seen him two or three times in the commissary, just passing by.

Are you watching B&B more now that he's on board as producer?
I try to as much as I can. It's hard to find the time to even watch Y&R, but my TiVo is overloaded with both shows!


What's the most romantic thing that he's ever done for you? You for him?
Oh, my... I know you don't have enough pages to devote to this loaded question! I'll share two stories that come to mind: I have my own personal Victor Newman! (Only the good qualities!) Our honeymoon was planned completely by him. I knew nothing about where in the world we would be going! (Kind of hard to pack for!) He loves surprising me. We ended up first flying to St. John (a small island in the Caribbean), staying at Caneel Bay, a beautiful resort that was once owned by the Rockefeller family. Then we took a sea plane to meet the Sea Goddess, an ultra-luxurious cruise line that only carries 100 guests. A gorgeous ship, the service phenomenal, and we cruised for seven days throughout the Caribbean. Then, we flew to Anguilla, which was not very well known at the time and spent another glorious week at the Malliouhana Resort. It was heavenly.

Another Victor Newman story: Again, I knew nothing about where we were going. This was around 1991. All I knew was that we would be on vacation for two-to-three weeks. We flew to JFK [Airport], then got on the Concorde, straight to Paris. The airline had lost our luggage, so when we arrived in Paris, Edward told our driver, Michel, who always drives us when in Paris, the situation.

Michel called Ralph Lauren, explained our problem to the store manager, and they actually closed the entire store, so that we could shop in privacy. (Our show is huge in France!) We only needed enough clothing to get us through until the Concorde found our luggage, but it turned into quite the spree! Then, Michel drove us to the Ritz, where an amazing suite was waiting for us. During dinner in our suite that night, Edward made reference to the Rolex watch that I was wearing -- he had given it to me for our fifth anniversary. Sadly, it never kept time very well, but I kept wearing it because he had given it to me, and I loved it anyway. He kept saying I needed a new watch, but I said no, I'm fine with this one.

The last words he said to me before we went to sleep that night were, "Get some rest. We have to get up early tomorrow." I knew better than to ask where we were going. Wild horses wouldn't have dragged it out of him! So, next morning, waiting in the limo outside is Michel. We get in the car, which takes us to Charles de Gaulle Airport. Now I'm really confused! I hadn't been told to pack anything. What was Edward up to? We ended up on a plane to Geneva, Switzerland, met by another car and driver, who drove us directly to the watch district. By this time, all the shops were closed for afternoon lunch break, so we window-shopped. The only watch that screamed out to me was in Cartier's window -- 18-karat gold, a unique design, only available in Geneva. When the shops re-opened, we went in and inquired about my window candy. I honestly don't remember the price, but it was high enough for me to thank the salesperson and start to leave the shop. Edward called me back, whipped out his American Express card and just like that, the watch was mine! I have a photo of me, with tears streaming down my face, putting the watch on in the store! We jumped back into the waiting car, drove to the airport and were back in Paris in no time.

But wait, there's more!

After a few more days of the luxury of the Ritz, we were driven by Michel to the train station. The Orient Express was waiting for us, bound for Venice. Edward really outdid himself on this one! When we finally arrived at the Gritti Palace, our missing bags were sitting in the living room of our beautiful suite. An amazing journey, amazing surprise and an amazing man. I am a lucky girl!

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